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Vegetarian Burger

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Tru LOCAL Feel good about what you put on the table with our simple, customized monthly meat delivery! Shop for clean, locally sourced meat products online and make fewer trips to the grocery store.

Henderson Brewing Co.

We strive to create balanced and thoughtful beers that honour traditional ways, but are not restricted to them. We want our beers to spark ideas, tell stories and, most of all, be refreshing and enjoyable. For $5 off any online order use code ARIA5 at checkout.

Bro Dough

Did someone say, COOKIE DOUGH!? Introducing a healthier way to indulge in your favourite childhood treat. Safe to eat raw, 100% vegan, no eggs, zero guilt. With added protein, Bro Dough makes the perfect post-workout snack. Dip it, scoop it, spread it; have your dough and eat it too! For 15% off any online order use code ARIA15 at checkout. Just click to see our amazing assortment of incredibly delicious cookie doughs.