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We make employee benefits easy – from plan audits, to program building, to ongoing support!

Our three-step process:

1. Audit
Your company is unique, your coverage should be too. That’s why we take the time to meet with you face-to-face and fully understand your business, your current benefits coverage and the challenges that need to be addressed. We walk you through a comprehensive audit that involves your people, your current plan, as well as, performance and price before we start customizing your new plan.             Book an Audit today!

2. Plan Building
Once we’ve completed and analyzed your audit, we get to work developing the right plan for you. Since no client or company is the same, every plan is custom built.  We'll work closely  together to ensure your plan makes sense, both today and in the future.

No plan is complete without the Plan Administrator Checklist. 
Once your plan is built and coverage is in place, we walk the plan administrator though a comprehensive Plan Administrator Checklist to make sure all questions are answered and details confirmed.

3. Ongoing Care
Continuous, collaborative plan performance and optimization.
Group inurance isn’t something you can “set and forget.” Your workforce changes, your business changes, and so does the insurance industry. It’s our job to ensure that your plan is working well for you and your employees. You can expect to hear from us often, whether it’s checking in to see how you’re doing, sharing stats about your plan usage, or suggesting a way to optimize your plan.

One-stop-shop for financial security for yourself, your family, and your business.
When you’re an Aria Benefits client, you have direct access to Life & Legacy’s financial advisors, products and services whenever you need them. We’ll help you realize your goals, grow your assets and protect your legacy.

Products and services include:

•  Registered Education Savings Plans
•  Business Insurance
•  Mortgages
•  Long-term Financial Planning
•  Retirement Income & Planning
•  Estate Planning
•  Asset Protection


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We Can Help You...

Set corporate policy
Gain effective
through benefits
Attract and retain employees
Establish a 
budgetable policy
Does your benefits plan check all the boxes?

Let us walk you through our Plan Administrator Checklist to see how your

current plan administration measures up.

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