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Experienced advisors, first-rate service . . .  we work for the good of the client!

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We’ve been in this area of expertise for over 20 years, serving the industry as Life & Legacy Advisory Group and launched Aria Benefits to expand the services we provide our clients early in 2018. Our financial advisors are experts who work with you to help realize your goals, grow your assets and protect your legacy.

What does Aria mean? The word Aria comes from the world of opera.  An Aria is a solo performance by a star who is nonetheless supported by an ensemble. The performance of the star is predicated on the success of the ensemble setting up the star’s performance. 


In business, our clients are the stars of the companies they operate. They possess unique skills, talents and abilities that allow them to run their companies in such a way to drive profit.  To do this, a business will invest in its human capital to help produce that end goal. That’s where we come in. Think of Aria Benefits as part of your ensemble. We’re there to look after you and your employees to keep them healthy, productive and engaged. Together, we’ll hit the high notes!

Meet The Team
We work for the good of the client!

Robin, Al and Joe are equal partners in the business.

Since they came together to form the company over twelve years ago, they have always believed that if they’re all working for the good of the client, everything else will take care of itself and it’s true. Now, they’re expanding the business to bring in the next generation of advisors.

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We consider it a privilege to work with our clients and look forward to 

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