Why choose Aria Benefits?

We believe that well designed Employee Benefit

Programs enhance people's lives.

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Our Story...

Aria Benefits

Improving the Lives of our Clients

We work to improve the lives of our clients by providing sound financial advice and putting
our client's interests ahead of our own at all times.​

Trust & Mutual Respect

Our relationships with our clients, our suppliers, and our team are built on the principle of trust and mutual respect. We treat others with the same trust, dignity and respect that we would want for ourselves.

Learning & Change

The world is ever-changing. We embrace change and the learning that is necessary to
respond and thrive ​in an evolving world.


We work to honour our commitments and exceed expectations, both to our clients and within our team.
We care and we show it – just ask our clients!

Empowerment & Self Reliance

Our team is entrusted to embrace our guiding principles in concert with their ingenuity to “figure things out” so that they may enhance the lives of those with whom they work.

WOW! Experience

We passionately strive to provide a WOW experience to everyone who deals with us so that they become our biggest fans and supporters. We work to build long-term relationships that reach beyond the lives of our clients to, in turn, touch the lives of their families and the next generation.

Does your benefits plan check all the boxes?

Let us walk you through our Plan Administrator Checklist to see how your

current plan administration measures up.

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Disability management

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Quarterly Claims Review

Benchmarking &  Plan Administration Audits

Preferred provider arrangements

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Expatriate Insurance

Employee communications & support

Day-to-day service

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